Why Underground Maps?

I have always wondered what the world would look like if each town, county, place, well anywhere, had its own tube map.

During Lockdown (when my live show design work evaporated), to relieve my lack of creative briefs (and a shortage of deadlines), I took a local town (Lewes, UK) and applied my tube line thoughts.

Each new underground line was named (in this case after local bonfire societies), and then the identity of the town reflected in station names and routes.

I am working my way around the UK identifying places that could do with a better transport solution. I work in a few extra stops along the way!

I then wondered about other 'journeys'. My 'Plot Lines' designs cover films and novels. On these each tube line represents a character, each interchange when they, well, interchange, along with individual 'stops' on the development of the plot.

Then I took on bands - why not? I was challenged to map The Fall's studio album history as an underground map. It worked! Their studio albums had an incredible journey to show, as do others - from Bowie through to The Who, and others. My Bruce Springsteen albums line-up map has been included in his official archive in the USA..

All being added-to all of the time..